Two Names. One Promise.

We are Al Oufuq Al Wadhih in Oman & Cleresdyne in Dubai. Our promise: customer satisfaction.

Cleresdyne (UAE) and Al Oufuq Al Wadhih (Oman) are privately owned enterprises carrying out distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Consumer Durables.

Al Oufuq Al Wadhih was established in the 2000s. The company has built a robust, distribution system on top of many years of prior experience and professional integrity. Al Oufuq invests in the learning and development of modern management system. The company has a distribution network spread across Oman and currently serves major retailers of all sizes and strengths.

Cleresdyne, which was founded in 2015, operates in the business of sales and service of commercial kitchen equipment. Within a short time, the company has set up commercial kitchens for many restaurants and prestigious groups in UAE. The company also supplies consumables such as cleaning chemicals for some brands of kitchen equipment.

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